At Noite Rose, we don’t just have customers, we have a community of nightwear-lovers called La Femme. As a member of La Femme, you’re fun. You’re one-of-a-kind. You’re expressive.

While relationships can be wonderful experiences, buying romantic pieces doesn’t mean you have to have a partner to share them with. From silky robes to sumptuous two-piece sets, Noite Rose-approved designs deliver for those who love to blend sexiness with coziness. 

This line is for those who love to explore. On a girls’ trip or baecation, Noite Rose will be the nightwear essential that you pack because you can be comfortable and cute in the room. Plus, you can walk to the ice machine without having to dash there and back before another guest sees you. You can be confident and relaxed wearing it, without obsessing about the piece of pizza and glass of wine you just consumed. 

In other words, we got you, sis. 
Don’t forget to use #NoiteTime to show off your style!